My Skin on Oil

I’ve always thought that people on low-fat diets lose that radiant sheen. You know, the types who eat a spoon of oil in the entire day. That said, it’s not a great idea to eat or apply a ton of oil either. All wonderful things must be used with moderation, otherwise they become counterproductive. Anyhow, ever since I’ve given up chemical exfoliators, I find myself eating and applying a whole lot of different oils. Earlier, I used a touch of concealer, but now my skin feels so nourished and calm that I have stopped applying makeup altogether. Here’s my list, from the garden variety to the lesser known oils:

Olive oil: I drizzle a healthy glug of extra version olive oil on toast and top it up with seeds and Himalayan pink salt. It’s so, so delicious. I also add it to smashed, overripe avocado, with some sea salt and chilli power, and layer it on toast with sliced tomatoes.

Coconut oil: A lot has been said about the wonders of this oil, but my skin becomes red and inflamed when I apply it. If you have sensitive or oily skin, there’s a good chance that it’s inflammatory for you too. But I like to drink two tbsps of this oil after a heavy meal, because the best digestive that I’ve found. In fact it’s so good that can even help shrink stomach ulcers.

Sesame seed oil: Literally the best for oil pulling. Read about my experience here: How I Cleaned my Teeth…

Apricot oil: Did you know that it can increase your lifespan if you drink a tbsp everyday? I haven’t been drinking it, but I have been applying it on my face some mornings. I just take enough that can be easily absorbed and massuage it inot my face and neck. I don’t use face wash, I just wipe it off after a bath.

Avocado oil: I find this oil the best to calm the skin. I alternate between this and apricot oil every morning.

Seabuckthorn and rosehip seed oils: These are the main components of the Pureearth Illumine oil, which I use over my sunscreen and moisturiser every morning. Seabuckthorn is going to be the next big thing in skincare, because it has something called omega 7, which is known to heal the skin. Pure rosehip seed oil is amazing to smoothen old acne scars.

Manuka essential oil: I mix a drop of this into my face wash and massage it at night. Then I splash my face seven times with hot (but not scalding) water, and that’s it. No night cream or moisturiser. I’ve even applied little smear of it on a breakout and it disappears the very next day!

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