16 Best of 2016 First Edition (Part I)

I’m lucky to be in a job where I get all the new launches to try. I also feel blessed to have a discerning eye when it comes to beauty products, which means that I’m regularly trying out new stuff. Of course, my wallet isn’t so happy because of this habit, but well, discovering delicious skincare and makeup fill me up with joy. So here’s a mix of what I tested on the job and the new products I bought. These are the very best:


Julisis Silver Night Wash: This range based on the concept of alchemy using gold, silver and diamond essences with botanicals to match the natural rhythm of your skin. Put simply, these products help your skin regain its natural powers to regenerate itself, instead of making it dependant on external factors. It’s no wonder that just this face wash is enough at night – no cream or serum required afterwards. Your skin will feel a bit dry initially, but you will wake up to a perfect complexion.


Bobbi Brown Skin Nourish Mask: I just love using this on a day that I have a big meeting or event. It calms the skin and makes it plumper and brighter in just one use. It works especially well for people with dry skin.


Chanel Le Gel Coat: There was nothing, I mean nothing that would prevent my nail polish from chipping…until I met this baby. Everyone who knows me has accepted my chipped polish as a part of my personality, but this gel coat make it last for seven…whole…days. Really. Just apply it all the way from the base of the nail upwards.


Lancôme Hypnose Volume-à-Porter: It no news that Lancôme makes some of the best mascaras in the world, but for some reason they never made it as my favourites. But this one just blows my mind. It adds volume, lift and length in a few strokes and no matter how clumsy your application may be, it just refuses to clump.


Nordic Beauty Collagen Peptide Serum: Its paraben, SLS, silicone, synthetic and all-the-nasty stuff free and it’s not tested on animals. It’s made with natural marine collagen peptides, which means that over time this product will plump and firm the skin. Immediately though, it just sinks right in, moisturising intensely without feeling even a bit tacky. Perfect for both oily and dry skin types.


Cowshed Lippy Cow Natural Lip Balm: Its plant based and packed with essential oils. It’s a bit runny, but I prefer this over those hard, waxy balms because it sinks right in. It also kept my lips moist with just one application before long-haul flight.


M.A.C Big Brow Pencil: I just love this thick, waxy stick. It slicks the brow hair up and adds colour. Easy and efficient – just the way I like my makeup.


Clinique Pop Lacquer: I don’t know about you, but I’m bored with matte lipstick. So when I got this lip gloss I was over the moon. It’s got a patent leather finish, is richly pigmented, comes in beautiful shades, and (if you keep rubbing your lips together) gives you a long lasting stain.


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