My New, Natural Skin Routine

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that this year is the year of change. Even if it’s not a big shift, there can be lots of small changes. Like maybe you’re learning to be kind to yourself, or you like to stay in a lot more, or a change in priorities. As far as I am concerned, I have done a 360 in my skincare routine. From someone who loved my retinols and glycolic acids, I now love all-natural products. While it did take a while for my chemical-addicted skin to adjust to this change, it looks better and more radiant than ever before. So, here’s the routine:

  • Apricot/ avocado oil: To wash my face…I just massage it in my skin in the morning and then have a bath. I wipe off the excess with a towel.
  • Vitamin C serum: This is the only thing that I have been loyal to for years and will continue to be. It adds radiance and prevents pigmentation. These days I’m using Skin Ceuticals C+E Ferulic, but even Dr Reddy makes vitamin C powder that you can add to your moisturiser.
  • Moisturiser: Everyone should moisturise regularly, especially in this scorching heat. I’m using Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream.
  • Sunscreen: I read somewhere that you’re doing more for your skin by just using sunscreen, than using the most expensive creams and serums. I’m using my old favourite: VMV Hypoallergenic Armada Face SPF 60. Although once this is over I plan to scale back to SPF 30 because it contains far less chemicals.
  • Evening cleansing: With the best face wash that I have ever used: Julisis Silver Wash Night. I mix a drop of it with a drop of manuka oil and massage it all over my face. Then I splash hot (but not scorching) water on my face seven times. No moisturiser or night cream required. This has helped removed all the redness from my face.
  • The occasional treat: I love face oils. So a few times a week before sleeping I spray Purearth Wild Rose Himalayan Mist. Then, when my face is still damp I massage in 5-6 drops of the Purearth Illumine Face Elixir, which is primarily combination of rosehip and sea buckthorn oils.

This routine was borne out of meeting an oganic skincare expect in Berlin. And you know what? When it comes to skincare, less is definitely more.

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