Get Rid of Adult Acne

You’d think that wrinkles would be the only thing to fend off as you age, but these days women well into their 40s are getting acne. Even if you were clear skinned as a teenager, its no guarantee that you will be spot free as an adult. Blame it on stress, hormones, toxins, poor eating habits or the wrong products, but anyone can get breakouts at any point in life. “What people don't understand about acne is that so many things can trigger it, which means that it can recur even after you get rid of it,” says Delhi-based dermatologist Dr Kiran Lohia. The first thing is to do is to observe the changes in your routine that could have possibly triggered and outbreak. Did you start a new skin routine? Was it some oil that you massaged on your face (I am allergic to coconut oil)? Or is it a new herbal supplement that you just started taking? You can treat your spots with a salicylic acid product such Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correcting Pads that are available on Once you eliminate the cause and you’re still getting spots despite the salicylic acid, its time to visit the dermatologist. “If you handle it when you have a few whiteheads, its easy to get rid of, but its difficult when you have a face full of breakouts,” says Lohia.

There are many internal issues that cause acne - it could be a new birth control pill, hormonal imbalance, which also includes PCOS. “25% of all women have PCOS, so there’s a one in four chance that you’re also going to get it.” The signs of PCOS include but are not limited to hair loss, weight gain, acne and hirsutism. I always feel that a single dermatologist visit can resolve acne much quicker than years of self-experimentation. By visiting a dermatologist early you can also prevent marks and scars. And if you do have acne-related spots and blemishes, they can be reduced by a prescription strength cream that you will only get at the doctor’s office. “People who get recurring acne should be on a topical retinoid and doctor’s office peels such as salicylic, jessners, TCA, or milder peels like mandolin and azelaic acid, which will benefit them greatly.”

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