The Skin Vitamin

Of all the products I’ve used over the years (they would make a three storey building), the one that has been constant is vitamin C. I’ve used a C serum for about a decade now. When I don’t use it, my skin looks dull and congested. But it springs back to looking clear and glowing in just one or two applications. But there could be too much of a good thing, so choose the strength of your serum according to your skin type. If your skin is dry and dehydrated, go for the 10% version. If its dry/normal, a 15% strength is ideal for you. And for those with oily and acne prone skin, 20% is perfect. Did you know that in high concentrations, vitamin C can actually dry zits?

My favourite products:
1. Skinceuticals C+E Feruliuc: I’ve never seen clarity and glow like after using this serum. My skin also looked plumper with a rosy tint.
2. Obagi Professional C Serum 20%: I like to use this in summer when my skin is a bit oily. My face glows, in just a couple of applications.
3. Kiehl’s Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate: Perfect for vitamin C beginners, this contains 10% vitamin C. Skin feels softer and looks brighter in just a few days.

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