I'm Over Retinol Now

Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with chemical exfoliators. I used glycolic acid when I felt like I was getting a spot, and of course I was a regular with rethanol, the only ingredient scientifically proven to stimulate collagen. I loved the idea of it, feeling proud every time my skin adjusted to a higher dose.

Still, I didn’t enjoy the slight burning on my face when I washed it and secretly wished that there could be a way to get amazing skin without the harshness. So, when a wise woman (who has amazing skin) commented “aren’t you worried that you may be thinning your skin”, I had a sort of a eureka moment. I think the most transformational moments in life are the most obvious. I gave up rethanol and glycolic acid for 10 days, and the results are breathtaking. My skin isn’t red or angry anymore, but calm and even toned.

If I look at the skin on my body, it is much better than my face. Could it be because I’ve never used chemical exfoliators on my body? If I remember the time when my skin started getting sensitive it was in college when I used harsh cleansers to control mild breakouts.

These days I’m using a rich cleanser (almost like an ubtan), a serum, moisturiser, and face oil. The chemical exfoliators that formed the backbone of my skincare are gone. And my skin is not so sensitive and angry.

As an expert in beauty I love being proved wrong. Am am I eating my words now? Happily, wholeheartedly yes!

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