Superfood Salad

I love salads, especially when they’re tucked under a layer of beautifully cooked meat…har har. Anyhoo, this weekend I prepared a meal for friends to ring in the New Year. There was mutton slow-cooked in red wine, ghee roasted baby potatoes and asparagus, and this darling salad to make everything healthy.

Now even though I am a health freak, I indulge in everything. Life is all about balance…medium portions of food, small portions of dessert, a few glasses of wine, all balanced by something healthy, like this salad.

To do: Tear off a pack of kale into medium pieces, toss them with slices of radish, halved rasbhari (golden berries). On the side boil some quinoa (I used red quinoa, which is more nutritous). Roast some walnuts, then roast the quinoa with the walnuts. Once cool, toss the quinoa and walnut mixture with the kale, radish and rasbhari. Add a healthy glug of extra olive oil and Himalayan pink salt to taste. Eat with a protein or on its own. C’est tout!

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