5 Wonder Serums That Work


A lot of people say that a moisturiser is their basic but for me its always been the serum. If you have oily skin or stay in a humid climate you’ll know what I’m saying. I mean, everyone may not need intense hydration, but we all can benefit from a product that brightens our complexions. Here are my tried and tested favourites:



Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle Illuminator
Pigmentation is the number one skin concern for women in India, and I’m yet to come across another product that helps remove dark patches as effectively as this one. I got it from my mom who now counts it as one of her favourites (trust me, she is a pro in night creams and serums). Within a month her skin was clear and glowing. If you want to get rid of pigmentation then try this before visiting the dermatologist.


Clarins Double Serum
My skin can get very dry and flaky during winter. I have tried many serums but this is really the best to reduce that tight, dehydrated feeling on the skin. The results show in a just a few days. This is my winter favourite, whether I use it under moisturiser or alone. Because this contains both oils and moisture, it really gets down to treating the root of dryness.


Perricone MD High Potency Face Firming Activator
Ok, so no product can really firm your face. If you want retain your skin’s elasticity then the first thing you need to do is eliminate sugar because it breaks down collagen. But even though this serum might not technically tighten your skin, it is packed with vitamin C, glycolic acid, urea…basically all my favourite ingredients. I used this on my my skin when it was going through an oily phase and it reduced pores, moisturised, bestowed radiance, without breaking it out even once.


Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair
This is my emergency serum. I don’t use it every day (too waxy for my taste), especially in the summer, but if I want a complexion boost I put it on at night, et voila! My skin looks amazing in the morning. I have also used it to heal my face when I’ve picked on a zit (we’ve all done that right?). When I layer it on at night and sleep, within days the wound scabs off without leaving a scar. I also know someone who uses it on their baby’s diaper rashes (not suggesting you should, just telling you that it really is repairing).


La Mer Regenerating Serum
I used this serum when I had a meltdown at the airport in Istanbul because of a MAJOR connecting flight delay from Rome. To make myself feel better I walked to the La Mer counter and used a few pumps of this serum. To cut a long story short, a journey that should have taken like eight or nine hours, took 24 hours to reach Delhi. The moment I stepped off the flight (after barely any sleep, plus stress, anger, tears, and frustration) my mom said “your skin looks amazing.” And it did – peachy, clear and glowing. That is the power of this serum.

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