Menopausal Weight

When you’re in your 20s you believe that you’ll stay skinny forever. But the moment you enter your 30’s you realise that a slim waist isn’t a lifelong option. After this, your metabolism shifts every five years, until your late 40s when you just smell a pizza and put on weight. So, is it possible to stay slim during menopause? Of course, staying slim isn’t an essential by any means, but if a woman (like the one who mailed me) wants to, is there a way? Delhi-based sports nutritionist Dr Loveneet Batra says yes, but you must be willing to work. “During menopause weight loss isn’t just a calorie game, you have to watch what you eat and still nourish yourself,” she says. Follow these steps to stay in good shape:

  • Menopause is a time when your hormones are fluctuating. Get your levels tested so your doctor can suggest medicines and supplements that will help you feel calmer and keep the weight off.
  • Don’t stop working out because your body composition is changing. During menopause there’s a drop in muscle mass and an increase in the fat composition. The best combination of exercise is yoga, weight training and cardio.
  • Switch to a plant-based diet (no meat and no dairy). This will lead to weight loss, but make sure that you supplement your calcium and vitamin D. In addition, do not binge on sugary foods and refined carbs, and eat good fats such as coconut oil, nuts and seeds.
  • Keep a food diary. Because you have hormone fluctuations, your cravings may increase. Your food diary must keep a track of the all the food you eat during the day, even if it’s a small bite of cake. Often we think we’re eating healthy when we’re actually not.

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