Home Remedies That Work

The idea of home remedies isn’t very appealing to me. I think because most of the home remedies suggested are borderline dangerous for the skin in my book. I mean lemon, tomato, and raw papaya on the face? No! Unless you want to end up with raw, inflamed skin. But here are five remedies that are quite lovely. They may be known, but these are the ones that I turn to:

Egg white: Apply it for 10 minutes before a party for tighter pores and glowing skin.

Honey: Apply plain honey to add hydration. If your skin is dehydrated then add some avocado. If it is dryer than the Sahara, mix some olive oil too. Remove with a damp, hot washcloth if you mix oil, otherwise wash with cool water.

Vitamin E capsules: I was introduced to these by a colleague and I swear they work better than most under eye creams. Dab around the eye before you sleep. Visible results in four days.

Coconut oil: Use in place of a cleanser and remove with a  hot, damp towel. Mix with soft, brown sugar to use as a lip scrub.

Masoor dal: I’m talking about the red dal without peel. Soak overnight, grind to a paste in the morning. Add some whole milk and turmeric. Apply on the face for 10 minutes and then gently rub off. It works better than besan because it doesn’t dry the skin out.

Lead image: acmeengineering.com.au

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