Dr Kiran Lohia

Forget dermatologist, Dr Kiran Lohia, founder Lumiere Dermatology, Delhi, should be a poster girl for great skin. Of course her luminous complexion is the first thing you notice, but what makes a lasting impression is her warm, open nature. For her, beauty isn’t just about what sits on the surface. She is an expert in nutrition, skin care and treatments (especially laser therapies). Read on for her expert tips.  

What is beauty?

“To me, beauty is a reflection of inner harmony! The most beautiful people are those who nourish their minds, souls and bodies. They feel at peace with themselves, they live healthy lives and understand how to add value to their beauty in an organic and healthy way.”

Tell us about your diet.

“I’m gluten-free and dairy-free! I have personally found that gluten affects my skin and my system, so when I cut it out, I feel less tired and my skin looks fresher. I strongly believe in also reducing dairy, as the hormones in dairy are not meant for the human system. Hormone dysregulation is the cause of acne, PCOS, pigmentation and a slew of other disorders. So adding hormones from another animal into the human body is a recipe for disaster! In fact, multiple trials have proven that dairy is a big cause of acne, and cutting it out will reduce zits!”

How do you de-stress?

“Through yoga and through music! Yoga gives me my much needed me time, while music distracts me from my daily stressers. I play the piano, and sing regularly, and have performed professionally in the past, so it is one of the true pleasures of my life.”

What is your favourite skin treat?

“My Clearlift 4D. It is an all-in-one laser that hits every layer of the skin, working on pores, lines, pigmentation, mild sagging and ageing! Whenever I am feeling dull, I do it, and my skin looks Photoshopped and sparkling!”

Take us through your skin routine.

“My skincare regime is ultra simple. I do a cleansing oil to wash my face morning and evening. I apply vitamin C serum and cream in the morning, followed by a huge dollop of sun block. At night, I do a Retinol serum and then apply Rosehip oil on top! I do Vitamin C for anti-aging, glow and antioxidant benefit. And I do Retinol for anti-ageing. Rosehip oil is to nourish my skin from the inside out, delivering needed nutrients and hydration.”

What’s the biggest beauty mistake?

“The biggest beauty mistake is doing too much at one time. Many people try out multiple new skin care products at a time, switch up regularly and go overboard with home remedies at the same time! It’s better to do one thing at a time and allow your skin to get used to it for at least 7-10 days.”

What’s your favourite makeup?

“My favourite makeup is Charlotte Tilbury and Nars!”